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What It Takes To Qualify As A

Weapon Of Fat Destruction?


I’m very selective about what qualifies as a Weapon Of Fat Destruction. That’s why you don’t see a large number of products on my site.

As you know, there are hundreds of different exercise products. Some of them may be good for helping you move your body or gain some strength and there’s nothing wrong with that – but many of them are totally useless when it comes to helping you burn fat. Others are even dangerous.

This site is dedicated to bringing you only the very best in products that will help you burn fat, provide you with long, lean muscles and strengthen your heart… all at the same time.

There are several criteria that must be met in order for an exercise product to qualify as one of my Weapons Of Fat Destruction.

1) The WFD must be able to assist with whole body exercises that use as many major muscle groups as possible at the same time. 

2) It has to be able to help you raise your heart rate quickly for a short period of time and…

3) You need to be able to use the WFD with exercises that you can do anywhere… especially in limited space. That means inside, outside, in your living room, your bedroom or hotel room.




Wighted SandBells
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The sandbell from Hyperwear is an amazing WFD (Weapn Of Fat Destruction) and definitely in my Top 5 Weapons of Fat Destruction.

“Mmm… a sandbell? So what’s a sandbell? It looks like a pillow.”

“Well, yeah… it… yeah it is a pillow… BUT… it’s the most amazing pillow you’ll ever put your paws on.

A sandbell is a round pillow constructed of soft, high-quality, neoprene with a plastic liner filled with sand. That’s it.”

“OK. So what’s the big deal? Is there some sort of metaphysical secret around it?” Read more…


Steel Mace Hammers


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Also qualifying for my Top 5 Weapons of Fat Destruction is the Steel Mace by Onnit.

You can swing it. You can hit it. You can squat and lunge with it.

Yeah… well…So much for my rapping skills. Anyway —

It’s a metal pole with a weighted metal ball on the end. It’s very much like a sledgehammer except the head of the mace is round compared to the rectangular head of the sledgehammer. They come in a number of different weights starting at 7 lbs. up to 25 lbs. I recommend starting with a lower weight while learning the exercises and proper form. Read more…





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The kettlebell is an ancient Weapon Of Fat Destruction. There’s not a whole lot to describing it. It looks like a cannonball with a handle on top.

You’ll see lots of articles associating its origin with Russia but it actually originated in Greece and came to Russia at the beginning of the 18th century.

The Russian term for the kettlebell is girya. Pronounced jeer-ee-a. The word comes from the Persian adjective “gerani”, which means “difficult”. There’s a similar word, “gur” from ancient Slavic languages that means bubble. Notice the similarity between the kettlebell and the word bubble? So, if you combine those I guess you get “difficult bubble”.

In the ancient Greek Olympics they used stones that kind of resembled kettlebells for strength competition events.

When the kettle bell came to Russia it was first used as a weight in the weighing of grains and other stuff. And much like our modern day lumber jack games it became an event in festivals and celebrations all across the country. Read more…


The Ultimate Sandbag


Ultimate SandBag Click image NOW for more information

WOW! What a tool. Or Weapon I should say…

What this product can do for your body and your life is simply AMAZING. Every time I pick up this bag I can’t believe it. It’s one of my best friends and ONE OF FAT’S WORST ENEMIES.


a strong heart

an incredible core

helps you blast fat off your body

exercises muscles you didn’t know you had.

Josh and Jessica Henkin at continue to refine a simple product into a masterpiece. Their dedication, focus and commitment to having the best sandbag money can buy is based on their desire to give you the best fitness and conditioning possible. Not to mention a Weapon Of Fat Destruction that can be used anytime and anywhere to give you a total body workout. Read more…