About Kevin

About KevinI make my home in Austin, TX where I’m an exercise enthusiast, researcher and Certified Unconventional Fitness Trainer. My focus is on the best types of exercise for burning fat, creating lean muscle mass and a strong heart without spending hours in the gym.

I’ve studied and practiced body weight exercise and unconventional exercise methods for over a decade. What I’ve discovered is… there are certain methods and certain exercises that provide better conditioning than others. They also do it in a shorter period of time than what might be called traditional exercise. I’ve also found there are worthwhile exercise products to assist you with your fitness goals and there are exercise products that are a complete waste of time and money. My goal is to educate you on fitness and health that works… so you won’t spend your valuable time and money on things that don’t.

*Certified Unconventional Fitness Trainer with Onnit Academy

*Hyperwear Sandbell Certified