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How To Prevent A Heart Attack

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August 19, 2009 If preventing a heart attack is simple, why is heart disease the number one killer of Americans? We’ve all heard the terms associated with heart disease and heart attacks. Blockage, placque, high tryglycerides, clogged arteries, etc. Most people just figure that the arteries that lead to your heart get plugged up with placque and blood can’t flow through to your heart and WHAMMY, you have a heart attack. And this is true. But the way it happens may not be what you think. It happens from the outside in instead of the inside out. Placque builds up on the inside of your artery walls. So if you thought of your arteries as pipes that you were looking through from end to end, you couldn’t see it because it’s inside the walls of the arteries. Then what happens is your arteries become inflammed and start to swell. This narrows the space on the inside of the artery for the blood to pass through. If there’s enough inflammation it creates a clot or bulge in the swollen artery which then closes the artery. All from the outer walls of the artery. So the key to preventing a heart attack is to prevent the inflammation. The media points to cholesterol as the culprit but your liver makes more cholesterol than you get from the foods you eat. Inflammation is also caused by what you eat. Wanna know the two biggest culprits? Sugar and processed oils like vegetable, soybean and canola oil. So the simple way to prevent a heart attack is to limit your sugar intake and avoid vegetable oils. The best oils to cook with and that are completely healthy for you are olive and believe it or not, coconut oil. Another simple thing you can do is use your own body weight for exercise. Exercise helps your body to work properly and when done properly, builds a strong heart. You can find out more about what type of exercise is best at All the best, Kevin Furey – The Fitness...

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CoQ10 – The Great Energizer

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July 29, 2009 I started taking CoQ10 for the benefits it would provide for my heart and my brain. But I never imagined the amount of energy I would have as an added benefit. Energy is produced in the cells of your body. They take in oxygen, combined with sugars and fatty acids from food. These raw materials are then sent to the mighty mitochondria in your cells. I call them the mighty mitochondria because they are the “power plants” of your cells where energy is produced and every cell has 500 to 2000 mitochondria. In the mitochondria the raw materials are combined with enzymes to produce energy. And that’s where CoQ10 does its job. It works as a go between so to speak, to provide the spark to produce the energy. Without sufficient amounts of CoQ10, it’s like trying to light charcoal without lighter fluid. The lack of energy can have a serious domino effect on your body as you get older. So don’t take it lightly. When your cells don’t have enough energy it can damage your tissues. This in turn spreads to the muscles and ultimately damages the organ systems of the heart and brain. Start supplementing with CoQ10 and see if you don’t turn into the Energizer Bunny. If you’re over forty the recommended dosage is at least 100 mg per day. Another way to increase your energy is with simple body weight exercise. To learn more go to All the best, Kevin...

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