Let Me Make This Perfectly Clear

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July 18, 2011

When you start down the road to a healthy life it’s important to have a good idea from whence thou comest. Uhhh… say what Bevis? In contemporary terms; what’s your status? Do you know how much you weigh or at least what your measurements are?

Becoming healthy is progressive. It’s not going to happen overnight. Just as you got to your current condition a little bit at a time, it will take time to become fit and healthy. So the first thing you need to have is a clear picture of yourself. You may not like it. It may not be pretty. But you have to see and accept your current state so that you can start moving from where you are and toward what you actually want.

What we’re talking about here is the joy of transformation.

I have mixed feelings about goals and setting goals but what I do know is this

The difference between a dream and a goal is a PLAN.

While visualization is important, you’re not going to dream your way to the body you want. What it takes is commitment and a plan of action.

So yeahhh… Look at yourself naked in the mirror. The point is not to make yourself feel bad. The point is to be clear about your starting point. It’s that honesty with yourself that will allow you to start tracking your progress. So don’t get started without the numbers.

In my book, “The Untold Secrets To Fitness Fast After Forty”, I provide you with a page for before and after pictures. It’s very motivating if you use it. But not knowing the numbers means not being committed. And being committed is the hardest exercise you’ll ever do.

But you can do it! Yes you can. One rep at a time.

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