Say “NO” To Job Security For Big Pharma

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September 16, 2009

Our ancestors who lived in pre-agrarian days or before farming, got most of their exercise by hunting and avoiding being hunted themselves.

Their number one goal everyday was to exist until the next day. In order to do that they had to eat. In order to eat they had to hunt. How’s that for planning your work and working your plan?

They were big eaters of protein which came from the meat of dangerous animals. In order to slay these beast required not only stealth, but intense burst of energy sustained for a short period of time. If they didn’t kill the beast, they stood a very good chance of becoming protein for the beast they hunted.

Most of the time it took numerous attempts to bring home the bacon. So man adapted to this and his body became lean and muscular. He also created a strong heart and lungs without “cardio” or aerobics.

What’s interesting is… there was no heart disease and no diabetes. The two biggest killers of people in the world today.

Today, the American Heart Association and traditional medicine recommend only small amounts of red meat, large amounts of carbohydrates, and exercise like aerobics that weakens your heart and lungs by causing them to shrink over time.

Sadly, the most exercise people get is walking from the couch to the pantry and back again. Thanks to big food manufacturers, most of us are addicted to high glycemic carbohydrates like crackers, chips, cookies and pastries that sap our energy and inflame our arteries.

If our practice of medicine is so sophisticated, why are two thirds of the people in the US obese? The answer is … the practice of medicine is just that. It’s not the prevention of illness. It’s the treatment of symptons of the ill.

Perhaps Big Pharma sees it as job security? Let’s be real. I know they see it as job security.

We no longer have to hunt for our food or avoid animal predators. The predators still exist, they’ve just taken on a different form.

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