The Ultimate Sandbag

The Ultimate Sandbag

Weapon of Fat Destruction: The Ultimate SandBag


WOW! What a tool. Or Weapon I should say…

What this product can do for your body and your life is simply AMAZING. Every time I pick up this bag I can’t believe it. It’s one of my best friends and ONE OF FAT’S WORST ENEMIES.


a strong heart

an incredible core

helps you blast fat off your body

exercises muscles you didn’t know you had.

Josh and Jessica Henkin at continue to refine a simple product into a masterpiece. Their dedication, focus and commitment to having the best sandbag money can buy is based on their desire to give you the best fitness and conditioning possible. Not to mention a Weapon Of Fat Destruction that can be used anytime and anywhere to give you a total body workout.

The design and functionality of The Ultimate Sandbag have made it a global sensation with orders streaming in from over 80 countries. It’s also become the preferred training tool for training military units worldwide, professional athletes and top fitness facilities.

This popularity has led to it being featured in Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Self, Muscle and Fitness as well as The Biggest Loser.

What makes the Ultimate Sandbag so unique?

The Ultimate Sandbag is part of the Ultimate Sandbag Training System created by fitness expert Josh Henkin. In Josh’s own words, “It’s designed specifically for fitness — and by fitness. I mean lifting, swinging, and otherwise lugging around — and it’s made of a durable, smooth material that will last years and won’t rub you the wrong way (literally) the way others might.”

The Ultimate Sandbag Features:

Not only the original fitness sandbag, but the most durable sandbag on the market made with proprietary military grade materials to provide you with years of functional use

A waterproof exterior making it highly resistant to dirt, mildew, oil, salt, chemicals and UV. This makes it easy to wipe clean and lets you workout in any conditions without ruining your fitness weapon.

The ability to use a light load in the sandbag – which will have muscles you never knew you had introducing themselves to you

A smooth texture that’s easy on your skin, knuckles and hands to help avoid rashes and abrasion

A weapon of fat destruction that provides you with confidence to comfortably perform intense conditioning workouts

Strategically designed handle placement allows you to perform over 400 progressive exercises

The option of using sand or water as fillers

Timely, friendly support. Not from sales reps, but a diverse group of physical therapists, athletic trainers and top fitness professionals

Ongoing education by high-level fitness professionals to maximize my workouts

Peace of mind Money-back Guarantee

Authentic 1-year manufacturer warranty

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