The Mace Hammer

The Steel Mace Hammer by Onnit


Onnit Steel Mace

Also qualifying for my Top 3 Weapons of Fat Destruction is the Steel Mace by Onnit.

Swing it. Use it to hit a tire. Squat and lunge with it. The possibilities are endless.

It’s a metal pole with a weighted metal ball on the end. It’s very much like a sledgehammer except the head of the mace is round compared to the rectangular head of the sledgehammer. They come in a number of different weights starting at 7 lbs. up to 25 lbs. I recommend starting with a lower weight while learning the exercises and proper form.

Some of you may be familiar with sledgehammer training for fitness. The benefits received from it are ENORMOUS for building muscle, shedding fat and strengthening your heart.

And while the mace has been around for thousands of years as a strength training tool, it’s the popularity of the sledgehammer that’s responsible for exposing the modern day mace.

I know a number of you are probably familiar with training using a sledgehammer to hit a a big ole honkin’ tractor tire. Believe me. That’s  some of the best exercise you’ll ever do. In some ways it’s a lot like chopping wood which is one of the best workouts ever.

But there are SOooo MANY MORE total body exercises that can be done with both the sledgehammer and the mace.

Squats, lunges, thrusts, upper body swings and presses.

Why should you add the Mace Hammer by Onnit as a Weapon of Fat Destruction?

Here are a few things to consider:

  • There are many variations of squats, lunges and swings that provide a total body, fat burning workout and give you real world functional strength.
  • There’s hardly an exercise that can be done that won’t affect your core
  • You get both upper and lower body at the same time which means you can workout less and still get fabulous results
  • The Mace simultaneously provides intensity to your total body exercises and strengthens your wrists, hands, forearms and shoulders.
  • The fat burning capacity it brings to your work outs is SHOCKING
  • It lets you work every muscle in your body at once instead of time consuming isolation exercises
  • The costs of this one piece of equipment is nothing compared to big, bulky exercise equipment that offers an inferior exercise experience

Because the weight of the steel mace is on the very end, it makes routine movements more difficult than you’d think. What this does is not only strengthen your major muscles but all of the stabilizer muscles that surround your BIGGER muscles.

So when I say you work out every muscle in your body… I mean you work out EVERY MUSCLE IN YOUR BODY. Your arms, your legs, your back, your chest – AND your entire CORE.

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